Community & Content Manager (H/F)

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General information

About us

Digicoop is a small team of 4 people: 3 engineers and 1 sales rep. We have created Kantree, a collaboration and work management platform.

We have a clear and ambitious goal: improve the daily life of teams in companies across the world by offering them the best tools for collaboration and work management.

Kantree is currently used by hundreds of teams around the world and most notably by some large French companies.

Digicoop is a bit unique as we are a cooperative startup (legally speaking - also known as a worker cooperative). We chose to organize the company horizontally as we think it encourages transparency when making decisions and during the daily life of the company.

In concrete terms, as in every SCOP, each employee is encouraged to become co-owner of the company. The long-term success of the company is our fundamental goal.

Our offices are located at 5 rue Richard Lenoir in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.

The position

Your main goal is to grow and manage the Kantree community on social networks and via support channels and to create and publish content about Kantree on our website and elsewhere.


Your role

You will work autonomously on all these areas while integrating a welcoming team that will help you along the way.

We encourage initiatives and personal development. This position can evolve as a marketing manager if this path is of interest to you.

Ideal profile